Family Visiting?!
No SOS Necessary With SSS:
Smart Space Solutions By Atmosfera.

Why feel helpless in the face of entertaining a crowd?

Smart Space Solutions by Atmosfera will help you accommodate your family guests in style and comfort. Our Smart Space Solutions furniture transforms from stylish to stylish and useful - uber useful, in fact - yet only you know about their multi-purpose function. So until the troops arrive and you need that sofa to become a bed, or that dining table for 4 to seat 18 (!!), it's 100% sleek style as usual, by Atmosfera.

Save your distress signal for when you'll really need it, say, when you realize you never turned the oven on. SOS!

Stylish sofa by day, comfortable bed by night Many fabrics and colors to match your existing interior
It fits Pull slightly

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made by RDESIGN
Many wood colors to match your interior All the leaves stored inside
Breakfast for 4, Party for 18 Easy opening